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More About Us

You can read more about the Apple Club of Leisure World here.

Leisure World Tech was formed in 2023 as a merger between the between two existing community organizations: the Computer Center and the Apple Club.

The original Leisure World Computer Club dates back to 1992, when it was established as a non-profit, 501(c)(3) corporation with the charge of "providing residents with opportunities to participate in formal computer educational activities for the purposes of professional learning and personal growth."

The club got a kick start from a grant of $30,000 from the Foundation of Leisure World. The funds were used to buy equipment for a dedicated space provided by Leisure World in Clubhouse 2.

Over the next 30 years, the Computer Center continued to upgrade and expand services and equipment to provide digital services to the Leisure World Community.

For most of their combined history, the Apple Club of Leisure World played an important role in the activities and operation of the Computer Center. The president of the Apple group served on the Center's Board and other members contributed to outreach and education programs. Members of both clubs used resources in the Computer Center. 

The Apple Club membership was added to the existing rolls of the Computer Center, and programming is now developed jointly to serve users of both systems.

In 2022, The Apple Club sought a new path forward and accepted an invitation to join forces with the Computer Center. The two organizations reached a merger agreement at the end of 2022. The former president and other members of the Apple club now serve on the current Leisure World Tech Board of Directors.





Beginning in early 2023, the Board of the newly formed organization began looking for innovative strategies to reach residents in ways that could help them improve their ability to use digital tools in their daily lives.    

Drawing on the combined resources of both groups, Leisure World Tech has significantly expanded educational programing and has improved its communication with the Leisure World community. Those efforts include exploring resources outside the community to bring a greater levels of expertise and experience 

to our programming.

​These more complex projects require participation by dedicated residents willing to donate their time and expertise. The availability of such volunteers will determine how much we can expand our educational services.

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