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Our Mission

We focus on providing technical computer training; one-on-one teaching and demonstration sessions to the senior community of Leisure World of Maryland. We provide open walk in service and strive to help them "take the fear out of technology.

The Board of Directors for Leisure World Tech, Inc. is composed entirely of volunteers. The Board is charged with ensuring that the nonprofit works to achieve its goals. Its primary responsibility is the efficient and productive operation of the Technical Resource Center.

To that end, the board provides governance to the organization, helps make business decisions, reviews contracts, plans events and addresses other matters as they arise. 

In order to discharge its responsibilities, the board holds regular meetings once a month and convenes at other times as necessary. The board is responsible for making financial, functional and personnel decisions.

The volunteer board members may also be involved in planning and producing programs that are made available to Leisure World residents.

Current TRC Board Members

David Merritt

David Merritt,          President

Marcia Fletcher,

Vice President

Head Shot Dottie Kingsley_edited.png

Sharon Otto, Director and Monitor Cordinator


Charles Gaumont, Director

Gerald Berman, Director

Donna Copeland, Director

Dottie Kingsley,


Head Shot Jerry Bergman_edited.png

Mike Thompson,


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