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The Apple Club Story

The Apple Club was an outgrowth of an organization started around 2001
by Leisure World resident Herb Block. Herb recognized the need to provide 
local help to residents who were just beginning to use Macintosh computers.

Computers of that era could be a bit daunting and technical support was not widely available. Herb believed that local users could be helped if they had access to rresidents who were knowledgeable and experienced Mac users.


Brent Malcolm took over the presidency in 2011. By then, Apple products were more popular and a variety new devices catering to personal communication and entertainment were on the market. To meet the increased demand for help, Brent expanded the club’s activities to include: 

  • Weekly one-on-one clinics in the Computer Center 

  • Monthly meetings where Apple representative, computer professionals and other knowledgeable people gave presentations and answered questions

  • Articles in the Leisure World News that provided instructions, tips and other Apple information

  • A Website

Brent retired in 2013 and Ron Masi was elected president. The club name was changed to Leisure World Apple Club to reflect the broader scope of Apple products that were being introduced to the public at a rapid pace. During Ron’s tenure, the club continued to offer the services that had been established during Brent’s presidency. Over the years, the club had grown to include about 120 members. During that time, Ron also joined the Leisure World Computer Center’s board of directors.

 When Ron retired at the end of 2022, the Apple Club merged with the Computer Center and a new organization, Leisure World Tech, was launched.

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