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A number of Windows and Mac workstations are set up with large screens and keyboards to accommodate users with visual or other impairments.

The Technology Resource Center
is furnished with several laptop computers in addition to Mac and Windows desktop systems. A new, large screen TV and supporting sound equipment have been acquired for Zoom and in-house video presentations. 

​All our computers are loaded with up-to-date software and are connected to printers and other devices through a secure, high speed network managed by the resource center. 

A Chrome Book was purchased in early 2023 and is available to visitors who would like to learn more about the Google operating system and suite of applications. 


Both color and black and white printers are provided. A minimal charge is collected for printing, based on the number of pages processed. Users can also take advantage of scanners, headphones CD/DVD players and other digital devices.

Most of our equipment was purchased with grants provided by the Leisure World Foundation.

Check our schedule page to learn more about center hours and available help.

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